Hello Friends and Happy Feminism Friday!

I’ve got a few stories I’d like to share with you all this week so let’s get started!

1. Police Brutality:

As you all know, there is a major increase in the awareness of the issues in our country concerning minorities and the police force. With stories of new shootings and riots becoming regular news, we can all agree that this is a major topic of discussion in our country. I came across an interesting story recently regarding the lack of gender diversity in these news stories and thought this would be a great topic for this week’s Feminism Friday. While many of you may be following the story of Sandra Bland, did you know that there at least four other black women died while in police custody around the time of Bland’s death? In fact, all of these deaths occurred in a two week period last month. In an effort to bring more awareness to the treatment of women in police custody, the #sayhername movement has been created to get the public to acknowledge the names of female victims of police violence.  


 2. How Not to Objectify Women, A Handy Guide:

Check out this short video by Cristen Conger who discusses the issue of sexual attraction versus sexual objectification. https://youtu.be/9_KNAC1dFQs

 3. Bad Blood

Did you all know that there is a 5% tax on tampons in the UK due to them being considered “nonessential items”? Seriously? “Nonessential”?! This is a joke, right? Well, apparently this is for reals and in response to this continued ridiculousness, a couple of comedians have created a music video. Actually, it’s a parody of Taylor Swifts music video for “Bad Blood”. I have been looking forward to sharing this with you guys all week so without further ado….I give you…. https://youtu.be/6he68N61faw

 Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!






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